Mobile Health Redefines Industry Standards with On-Site Employee Exams

Mobile Health revolutionizes the standard of occupational health services with its on-site employee exams, delivering unparalleled convenience to its clients. In the past year, Mobile Health has launched QuantiFERON TB testing, drug testing, vision screening, hearing exams, vaccines, quantitative fit testing, titer testing, and more as on-site services. Mobile Health can see employees in their mobile exam vehicles, in break rooms, or in offices, without disrupting the workday.

“We believe that convenience and accessibility are key to a successful employee health program,” said Andrew Shulman, Mobile Health CEO. “Our 39 years in the industry go far beyond the walls of a clinic. Our clinicians are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of occupational health services, right where our clients need it most.”


Mobile Health first consults with its clients to better understand their unique needs, including employee shifts and schedules, and the available workspace. By scheduling a designated time for each employee to receive their exam right where they work, Mobile Health eliminates the need for hundreds of employees to leave the worksite during operating hours.

The company’s compliance experts ensure every on-site event takes a comprehensive approach. For example, if an employer needs TB testing, Mobile Health will consult to see if they also need vaccines, titers, physicals, and other exams that can be done all in one go. Mobile Health is the only provider that has been able to execute comprehensive on-site programs outside of the traditional clinic setting ─ bringing utmost convenience to the employee and streamlined health programs to the client.


Mobile Health takes care of everything from set-up and tear-down to signage and Wi-Fi. From start to finish, on-site programs are powered by their innovative technology. Employees receive a registration link, fill out their demographic information, and answer any pre-screening questions. Once they complete their registration, the employee receives a personalized QR code that they use to check-in for their on-site exam. As each exam is complete, results are waiting in the HIPAA-compliant Client Portal.

Mobile Health is setting a new standard for occupational health services, bringing convenience and efficiency to employees and employers alike. 

About Mobile Health 

Mobile Health is a trusted employee screening and occupational health provider with 39 years of clinical excellence. Their 6,500+ nationwide clinics and on-site teams offer every medical exam employers need for hiring and compliance. Mobile Health enables businesses to consolidate to one provider for OSHA/DOH compliance and for building a safer, healthier workforce. Their expert teams design programs to reduce employer bottlenecks, increase throughput, and make occupational health easier than ever before.

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