Flexible Respirator Fit Testing Solutions for Any Business Size

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your employees, respirator fit testing is an essential component of any occupational health and safety program. However, many employers struggle with the logistics of scheduling and administering these tests, particularly for large or geographically dispersed workforces. That’s where Mobile Health comes in – our flexible and comprehensive fit testing solutions are designed to meet the needs of employers of any size and type, making compliance with OSHA regulations effortless.

On-Site Fit Testing at Your Location

Mobile Health’s on-site fit testing services make respirator fit testing more convenient than ever. Our teams deploy to your location with an end-to-end solution that includes both qualitative and quantitative fit testing, depending on your business need. This allows you to achieve annual compliance with just one Mobile Health event, increasing operational efficiencies and giving your team more time back in their day.

In-Clinic Fit Testing Services

For employees or new hires who prefer to complete their fit testing at a clinic, Mobile Health offers next-day appointments at our 6,500 clinics nationwide. Our self-scheduling platform makes it easy for employees to find the nearest location, and real-time results are available in your Mobile Health Client Portal.

Fit Kit™ Self Fit Testing Solution

For employers who want to conduct fit testing in-house, Mobile Health’s Fit Kit™ provides all the tools and resources you need. Our OSHA-compliant fit test kits can be shipped directly to your location, and come with live respirator fit test training for your staff to become experts. This allows you to perform in-house respirator fit testing for every employee, without the need for external contractors or consultants. Each kit can be paired with Mobile Health’s online medical evaluations, making sure your staff are properly cleared for fit testing, and that your respiratory protection program is fully compliant.

Compliance Made Effortless

At Mobile Health, our goal is to make every step of respirator fit testing effortless for employers. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate every shift and schedule. Our respiratory protection program consultants can also help you create and implement a program that meets your specific needs, ensuring comprehensive compliance and peace of mind.

Partner with Mobile Health for Your Respirator Fit Testing Needs

With 39 years of clinical excellence and a reputation as an industry leader in occupational health solutions, Mobile Health is the go-to respirator fit testing partner for employers of all sizes and types. Our qualitative and quantitative fit testing teams have performed respirator fit testing on-site for healthcare providers and businesses of all sizes, and our partners trust us with their annual compliance and new hire needs because they know clinical excellence is in our DNA.

If you’re looking for a flexible and comprehensive solution to meet your respirator fit testing needs, turn to the experts at Mobile Health. We make fit testing easier for employees nationwide, through on-site fit testing, in-clinic fit testing or with our Fit Kit™. Contact us today to learn more or get started with designing your fit test program. We look forward to hearing from you.

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