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We have more appointment availability and more clinics than any other DOT exam provider. Mobile Health is your one partner for DOT physical exams and DOT drug tests all conducted by our FMCSA-certified medical examiners. When you need to screen and clear a driver tomorrow, our clinics are ready to meet your DOT screening needs faster.

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Your driver’s exam will include:

  • Health History Review 
  • Vision and Hearing Test 
  • Blood Pressure Check 
  • Urinalysis 
  • Physical Exam 

+ an optional 5-panel drug test 


  • List of current medications 
  • Supporting documents for chronic medical conditions 
  • Eyewear 
  • Hearing aids 


77% of U.S. employees live within 10 miles or less of a Mobile Health clinic. With next-day appointments around every corner, you can hire and maintain compliance faster than ever. 

DOT Physicals & Drug Testing | Mobile Health


We make it easy to view, print, and transmit your driver’s electronic FMSCA Medical Examination Reports, Clearance Certificates, and CDLs. You get real-time DOT physical exam and DOT drug test results in one comprehensive dashboard. You are required to keep all records for three years – we automatically keep them forever, so you never have to second guess.

DOT Physicals & Drug Testing | Mobile Health | US Dot Physicals


Conflicting schedules and delayed appointments slow you down, our driver self-scheduling portal gets everyone on the road faster. You simply send your drivers a link to the self-scheduling portal, they choose a time and location that works for them, and all results come straight to you. Don’t let pre-employment and annual requirements become an obstacle – partner with us!

DOT Physicals & Drug Testing Faqs

A DOT physical examines your vision, blood pressure, hearing, urinalysis and your complete medical history.

A DOT physical is a physical exam required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for individuals who operate commercial vehicles.

DOT tests are required every two years for truck drivers.

Employees should bring a list of current medications, any supporting documents for chronic medical conditions, and any necessary eyewear or hearing aids.

Employers need DOT physicals to ensure their drivers meet the physical requirements to operate a commercial vehicle safely. The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires commercial drivers to pass a physical exam to ensure they are fit to operate a commercial vehicle.

Mobile Health conducts DOT physicals on-site or in 6,500 nationwide clinics. Next-day appointments and driver self-scheduling with real-time reporting directly to the Mobile Health Client Portal.

Yes, Mobile Health can provide DOT drug testing in addition to DOT physicals for employers. Our FMCSA-certified medical examiners can conduct the drug test during the same appointment as the physical exam.

Mobile Health can accommodate any size workforce – providing DOT physicals for 10-100,000 employees. Employee self-scheduled appointments at Mobile Health’s 6,500 nationwide clinics, or on-site at your workplace.

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