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What is respirator fit testing?

Respirator fit testing is a medical evaluation that measures whether a respirator properly fits an individual’s face and provides adequate protection against airborne hazards. Wearing a tight-fitting respirator requires a fit test. Depending on the respirator type, the method of fit testing will differ.

Which fit testing method is right for me?

The fit testing method is based on the type of respirator your employees wear. All NIOSH-approved tight-fitting half-face masks are most commonly tested using qualitative fit testing, but can also be tested quantitatively. All tight-fitting full-face masks require quantitative fit testing.

What happens prior to a fit test?

Your employees must come to their fit test clean shaven, and must not eat, drink, or smoke within 15 minutes of their fit test. All employees must complete and pass an OSHA medical evaluation prior to the test, as part of your respiratory protection program.  

What happens during a fit test?

In a qualitative fit test, a Mobile Health clinician will first establish the user’s sensitivity to a threshold solution. The patient will then don their respirator and be exposed to a higher concentration of the same solution. If the user does not taste the second solution, they will then pass the test.

In a quantitative fit test, the seal and fit of the user’s respirator is tested by a machine, which measures the amount of the particles from the testing agent that are able to enter the mask. This is known as ‘fit factor’ and determines whether the respirator provides sufficient protection.

Who needs a respirator fit test?

Any employee required to wear a tight-fitting respirator must have a fit test prior to their employment, and once annually. Industries requiring respirator fit testing include:

  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Chemical application
  • Natural gas
  • Medical education
  • Emergency response
  • Asbestos abatement

If employers are not compliant with OSHA’s respiratory protection standard, there is a minimum fine of $15,625 per violation.

Do I also need a Respiratory Protection Plan?

Yes, every employer who falls under OSHA’s respiratory protection standard is also required to create and maintain a respiratory protection program. There are 7 elements every plan must address:

  1. Respirator selection
  2. Medical evaluations
  3. Use of respirators
  4. Maintenance and care
  5. Assuring adequate air quality
  6. Training and fit testing
  7. Program evaluation

Wondering how to create and manage a successful respiratory protection program? Check out our Commonsense Guide to Respirator Fit Testing to learn tips and industry best practices.


Instead of scheduling, confirming, rescheduling (you get the gist) ─ the Mobile Health patient portal takes care of everything for you. We create your respirator fit testing program and all you have to do is send your employees the link! Then they can choose a time and location that works best for them.

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With just a few clicks in the Mobile Health portal, compliance is taken care of. Your employees complete their OSHA medical evaluation through our online portal before they arrive for their appointment, we perform the respirator fit test, and you receive both results in real-time to your HIPAA and HITECH-compliant portal.

In-Clinic Respirator Fit Testing | Mobile Health


With Mobile Health, you get a partnership. Our respiratory protection plan consultants help employers nail down every last detail to ensure their workers are protected. When it’s time for annual respirator fit tests or new hires, you will know exactly what your plan is. And with us, the plan is simple.


From large hospital networks to Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, we have been the trusted provider for over 39 years. We take care of your people by providing a thorough respirator fit test. We take care of you by getting the records you need when you need them, no delays.

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